Few Compounds Can Replace Formaldehyde as a Raw Material

Because of formaldehyde's unique physical and chemical properties, few chemicals can replace it as a raw material without reducing performance and making the final products more expensive. Whether it's used in plywood for home construction, fuel system components for automobiles, or door and window insulation for modern airliners, formaldehyde provides greater utility for consumers in the form of extended use, consistent quality and improved performance and safety.

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Formaldehyde Is a Critical Building Block

Formaldehyde is a critical ingredient in the production of hundreds of items that improve everyday life. While little or no formaldehyde is present in the final product, the chemical is an essential building block in the production of some of the most common consumer items, including paper towels, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, lipstick and nail polish, and acts as an anti-bacterial agent in consumer products such as mascara.

Many different resins are created from formaldehyde. These resins, in turn, are used to create other compounds having different properties. These compounds can be used as preservatives in personal hygiene products because they kill bacteria, or to make other products more effective, such as the foaming action in soaps and detergents. These products can help improve hygiene and protect your health.

The wood-based panel industry also relies on the dependable performance of formaldehyde-based resins for wood products. While formaldehyde is an essential building block in a diverse range of wood products, its end use is primarily in a converted form. That means that virtually all of the formaldehyde is consumed in making the final product.

To learn more about how formaldehyde is used in housing and automotive applications, click the images below.

Formaldehyde Housing Applications Formaldehyde Automotive Applications


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